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No, we do not provide internet service as a part of our plans.

A virtual number is a telephone number that isn’t directly associated with a person or business.

After you sign up and paid your first month's line rental in advance via credit / Debit card or pay-pal you will then have multiple option like setup a standing order / make a reoccurring payment using our PayPal system and pay as you receive the new invoice which will have a payment tap on the invoice or you can make over the phone payment, make sure you pay before the expiry date of the service.

That's not a problem at all just send us an e-mail and we will change this for you.

Skype and Google Voice are simple VoIP solutions that allow free messages and calls over the internet meant for personal use. In contrast, Voip2Voice is a complete business communications solution. It covers phone calls, email, SMS, call recording, analytics, CRM, and more.