Why Chose Us

Centralized Device Management.

An efficient VoIP solution comes with a centralized administrative portal to easily add, remove, and configure phones and manage all of the features. Complex phone systems delay provisioning of new extensions and add superfluous installation and programming costs to your operational expenses.

Unified Communications (Mobile, Desktop, SMS).

Unified Communicates enables employees to communicate over the device of choice. That’s phone, mobile, desktop, or SMS – to enable collaboration when remote or on the go.

Huge Savings

Businesses save an average of 50%-75% after switching to VoIP2voice .These savings depend on what plans you have currently and what you want in your new VoIP package, but regardless, with VoIP, you’re going to get a lot more for a lot less.


VoIP2voice takes your collaboration to the next level with conference calls that can be accessed from anywhere, even internationally. With VoIP, you are finally free of long distance and in most cases, even international phone charges.


With VoIP2voice , you’ll experience the sound quality and clarity of HD Voice that can never be achieved by landlines. This VoIP benefit will allow you to have incredible audio clarity with every ca

Cheap Rate

world's best call rates are provided by Voip2Voice. No contract or Hidden Cost. Pay on for the calls you make.